A dress, for Claire

Posted by Michelle on 14th Jun 2014

A Dress, For ClaireI fell in love with this fabric when it came into the store as a part of the Stenzo Spring Collection.But it sold out in a matter of days and I'll admit feeling a bit of regret as I … read more
Another yarn

Another yarn

Posted by Deanna on 17th May 2014

So did anyone try a scarf with only using the knit stitch?  Or are you waiting for Christmas?  The beautiful sparkly, Galaxie yarn will still be available for you. All you need is the " … read more

Fabric Stash Pajamas

Posted by Michelle de Beaudrap on 11th Apr 2014

Fabric Stash Pajamas.  This is my 7 year old, Emmeline. Emme grew 4 inches this winter and suddenly we were faced with an entire wardrobe that didn't fit. And the realization that in 4 more … read more

April 12 Open House!

Posted by Colin on 21st Mar 2014

A very short announcement: Our next open house is Saturday, April 12 from 2-5 PM. We are in the deep southeast of Calgary with convenient access from both Deerfoot and Stoney Trail (the ring road). We … read more

Knitting Shoppe woe...A scarf!!

Posted by Deanna on 21st Mar 2014

I often ask people, women in particular, if they knit.  The main answer is, "My Grandmother did all of our knitting."  " I would love to learn how to knit but don't have time to knit a scarf … read more