Fabric Stash Pajamas

Posted by Michelle de Beaudrap on 11th Apr 2014

Fabric Stash Pajamas.  

This is my 7 year old, Emmeline. Emme grew 4 inches this winter and suddenly we were faced with an entire wardrobe that didn't fit. And the realization that in 4 more months, an entire new wardrobe may not fit either! Cha-ching. 

What a great time to get the remnants out to see what we can do.



I love my jersey knits, I'll say it loud and proud! And to put my jersey remnants in the garbage is...unthinkable!  Consequently, I have a huge bag of remnants!

So Emme and I got busy.  We found a great pattern in an older Ottobre for a sporty pajama dress that could be made entirely with my remnant pieces.  

It helps that we both love to mix and match...or at least mix, the match we think is overrated.  :)

The end product was an instant hit! They are so soft and she loves the colours. She wears them to bed, and then off to school with jeans under in the morning (don't tell!)  

And the cost...nothing!