l'oiseau fabrics referral program


We want to say Thank You to all the people who have helped us grow, and to all those who will keep us growing in the future!

Effective immediately, any person can help us with this by using the coupon code REFERRAL, and by telling us who sent you our way.

Everybody wins!

The REFERRAL code will give you 5% off your order, and.....we will match that in store credit to the person who referred you!

How do I participate?

Every person can use the REFERRAL code once, even if you're an existing customer. Please remember to include the name of the person who referred you in the order comments, and if possible, their email address just in case we have more than one customer of the same name. 

Using your credit is incredibly simple; it will simply be applied to your next order automatically.

Each person will only be able to use the REFERRAL code once, and it is not compatible with other codes such as the Frequent Flyer membership or a Business Class code; you'll have to decide which code to use. 

We can only apply the store credit if the person you credit for referring you is actually a customer of ours. If they don't have an account with us, we will not be able to apply the credit :)