A dress, for Claire

Posted by Michelle on 14th Jun 2014

A Dress, For Claire

I fell in love with this fabric when it came into the store as a part of the Stenzo Spring Collection.

But it sold out in a matter of days and I'll admit feeling a bit of regret as I packaged up the last bit and sent it off. 

So when it became available again, I grabbed at the chance!  Sweetness, as I've named the fabric, is a light, fresh poplin that looks and feels airy and soft.  Just like a spring day! 

 At about the same time, Elegance and Elephants released its latest pattern, the Bohemian Babydoll Dress and Top Pattern.  The two were a perfect match!

The pattern combines a simple form with lovely details.  I love this combination.  

Brown eyes and freckles not included!

The back of the skirt is slightly longer  than front; I love this!  I couldn't resist adding a sweet petticoat complete with lace trim and a pink, velvet ribbon peeking out the back.  A little hint of something special! 

I don't get as many chances to sew as I would like and working on this dress was a wonderful reminder of why we do this and the feelings that start us all off on our journey.

I love how children respond to our creative efforts. I love the anticipation they feel; when they run to see how far you've come and is it done yet? I even love the anxiety we both feel that final 'try it on!'. Will it fit? And that rush of relief when it does and it's lovely and they know it too...that's the best!

I love that it makes them want to twirl, to sleep in it, to wear your high heels.  I love to hear, "My mom made this for me."  

Yes, she did.  With so much love.