July 23 and 26 Classes: Information

30th Jun 2013


Class information

Sewing with knits for beginners.


The aim of this class is to aquire the skills to sew effectively with knits.  To this end, we will make one, fantastic, soft and new favorite kid's t-shirt.

I chose this project because it addresses the most basic ideas behind clothing construction, gives you lots of know how when sewing with knits, and finally, it's just a great beginner project that will make you really proud of yourself every time you pop it over your little one's head.

Please note that there are two dates.  The first date is for sergers and the second for sewing machines. This serger class assumes that the serger will be threaded and ready to go!  It is NOT a class on learning how to use a serger in general (threading, tension).

When:  July 23,  7:00 to 10:00  Sewing Knits with a serger
            July 26, 7:00 to 10:00   Sewing knits with a sewing machine
Where:  Addie's Creative Fabric:  420 First Street, West.  Cochrane, Alberta
Cost: $50 
Cost includes:
  • registration
  • child's t-shirt pattern, includes sizes 92-170 cm (18 mo - 16 years)
  • tissue paper to transfer pattern
  • 3/4 m knit fabric (your choice)
  • 1/2 m knit fabric (your choice)
  • white polyester thread
 *pattern and fabrics must be purchased from l'oiseau fabrics and must be purchased ahead of time.

A few reminders and requirements that will make the class and your experience very rewarding and productive.
  • Please email me at and let me know which fabrics you want. I'll cut the fabric out for you and you can pick it up at the shop; you must pick it up at the shop prior to the class.
  • Please wash and dry all fabrics prior to class.  Knits Shrink!
  • the pattern you receive will have tissue paper inside the cover. Please use this paper to transfer your pattern pieces in your desired size prior to class.  This saves the pattern and you can use it again...and again.  But do NOT cut out your fabric.  We'll go over that in class. 
  • Things to remember to bring: sewing machine or serger, ball point needles for sewing machine/serger, pins, scissors.
I think that's it!  I'm really excited to share my love of knits with you.  They are so practical, soft and easy to sew.  Thank you for your interest!

If you would like more information, please contact

If you'd like to register, you may do so at under the header classes.  


Michelle de Beaudrap