REMNANT: Viscose EcoVero, Coral: European Import (50 cm)

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REMNANT:  Viscose EcoVero, Coral:  European Import  (50 cm)

REMNANT measures 50 cm


An environmentally friendly eco-viscose fabric! Its fibers are obtained from sustainable wood and cellulose, and from certified and controlled sources. This fabric has a silky feel, and its softness, lightness, and beautiful drape make is suitable for flowing tops, dresses, and skirts. 

Fabric weight: 150 gm2

Width measures 145 cm

Textures: Katia's Autumn & Winter 2023/2024 Sewing Pattern Magazine includes patterns specifically for these fabrics.

Care instructions: Wash on cool setting, hang to dry, iron on low setting.

EcoVero: Obtained from certified renewable wood sources and using a responsible production process that complies with high standards of environmental care. The LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibres adapt to a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to a cleaner environment.