What is French Terry?

French Terry...so soft!




French terry is known for its luxurious texture.  With the addition of stretch, it creates infinite uses in apparel wear.  

French terry is similar to terry cloth (the fabric of towels and bathrobes) with the exception of being looped only on the back side of the fabric.  The front is smooth and finished.  It is in the medium weight category of knits and so works well for both t-shirt and dresses but also for light jackets, sweaters and hats.

One of the best known qualities of french terry is its absorbency.  It's often used in sports wear.  In the case of the bamboo based french terry, you really get the best mixture possible.  Bamboo is known to be extremely absorbent as well as having antiseptic properties that will clean your skin as you wear.  Not a bad idea during a work out!   

Bamboo is fast becoming one of the best love fibers of many textilers.  It's easy and fast to produce and requires very little from the environment.  Bamboo fibers are stronger than cotton and soft as silk!