About Us and FAQ



Started in 2013, l'oiseau fabrics began as Michelle's search for Euro knits that were not locally available. Many disappointed trips into Calgary became a resolve to bring them in herself, and here we are! l'oiseau fabrics is a family-run online store located in Southeast Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Our team:

-Michelle finds the suppliers, distributors and collections which end up in our store. She is our fabric hunter extraordinaire!

-Colin is the technical side of the store and social media.

-Colin and Michelle both process your orders and answer questions



We hope you love our fabric the way that we do, and that you have a chance to create many beautiful things using it!

l'oiseau fabrics



Q: How soon will my order be shipped? 

A: Our expected turnaround is 1-4 business days, but we usually cut and ship orders in 1-2 business days. After a large sale this is suspended due to large order quantities.


Q: How much fabric do I get for 1 quantity?

A: The vast majority of our fabrics are priced per 50 cm; remnants and panels being the main exceptions. If you're ever unsure, the product description will tell you how much length you get for the price.


Q: How long will shipping take?

A: Shipping is dependent on how far you are from Calgary. It's usually 3-5 business days within Canada, but can be faster or slower depending on your exact location.


Q: You have run out a print that I want. Will you get it back?

A: We order our collections seasonally, so there is a small window in which we can get more. Often if you see a fabric from a seasonal collection, what we bring in the first time will be all that we can get. We do monitor the frequently requested fabrics and will reorder if possible, but there is never a guarantee.


Q: Can I come to your warehouse and shop?

A: You bet! Curbside pickup is also available; fabrics are prepared in the same order they are submitted, so we will let you know when your order is ready. Curbside pickup and local shopping are at our warehouse, at 107-4430 112th Ave SE, Calgary AB. 


Q: What are your business hours?

A: We work at the warehouse from 10-4 Monday through Friday, and 10-2 on weekends and holidays. We'll do our best to respond to all questions before we close for the day :) 


Q: Which currency are your prices in?

A: Our prices are based in Canadian Dollars, but you do have the option to view the estimated amount in other US Dollars as well as a number of other currencies. When the payment is processed, however, it will be in Canadian Dollars, so if you notice a change in the prices on the invoice, or the total, it's just the currency difference. Also please note that when the payment is processed, it will use the exchange rate that your credit card company or Paypal uses; meaning that it could be slightly different than the estimate.