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Make something great with the fabric from our online fabric store! ZWERGENVERPACKUNG is a great set of patterns for only $15

Zwerg means "elf" in German and is an affectionate term you would call a little child.  Verpackung means "packaging".  The Zwergenverpackung is a package of basic sewing patterns to make a complete wardrobe of mix-and-match baby and toddler pieces to bundle up your bundle of joy.

Except for the shirt, which fits more snuggly to the body, every piece in this wardrobe grows into the different seasons with your child.  Sleeves and pant cuffs can be rolled up or fitted with elastic.  Straps are adjustable.  The pieces are designed to be worn in any season depending on the fabric you use.  Presents are quickly sewn from leftover fabric scraps or even from the recycled, repurposed materials from cast-off clothing. 


sizes 50-80cm


You can find a tutorial here. (tutorial will be in German but open the window using Chrome and it will translate into English)




European patterns do not included seam allowances.


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