REMNANT: Tulum: Denim from Katia (58 cm)

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REMNANT: Tulum:  Denim from Katia (58 cm)

REMNANT measures 58 cm


Denim look fabric with a print inspired by Tulum Mexico featuring flowers and majestic birds. Sew garments for all the family.

100% cotton

Weight is 125 gsm

Width measures 145-150 cm


Katia's Fly Sewing Pattern Magazine includes patterns specifically for these fabrics.

We recommend the following coordinates:  Basic Denim from Katia

Care instructions: Wash on gentle, hang to dry, iron on low.

** All Katia DENIM products are dyed using indigo dyes, so their colour fastness is low when exposed to strong sunlight. We recommend washing DENIM garments separately and, in particular, not washing them mixed with white clothing.