REMNANT: Tencel Modal Jersey Knit: Gold (71cm)

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Modal Jersey Knit:  Gold

REMNANT measures 71cm


Modal fibers create a silky soft fabric that drapes beautifully!  An excellent choice for garments ranging from athletic to more formal wear...and everything in between.

95% modal / 5% elastic

90% stretch

Fabric weight is 220 g/m2

Width measures 145 cm


Tencel ™ is a patented brand from the Austrian company Lenzing. This special modal comes with many advantages that the environmental conscious customer is looking for in fabric and clothing.

  • Produced from birch wood fibers from sustainable forestry from Austria and the surrounding area.
  • Chlorine-free bleaching method ecofriendly produced according to the guidelines of the European Ecolabel.
  • The Tencel ™ birch wood fibers are degradable and compostable.

Fair Trade, Bears the Oeko Tex 100 Certification.