Organic Fleece: Bordeaux

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Organic Fleece:  Bordeaux
A super soft, 100% organic cotton fleece.  Beautiful! 
100% organic cotton

Fabric weight is 300 gsm

60% stretch

Width measures 155-160 cm

Prices are per half meter

To order longer pieces, enter the quantity of 0.5 m increments you desire and the piece will be delivered to you as a whole, continuous piece. 

Bears the Oeko Tex Certification.


This product is 100% cotton and is a pure, natural product, without the addition of synthetic fibers. By virtue of the fact that it is pure cotton without added polyester, you should pay attention to the following tips during care:

We recommend that you do not shake off the cotton fleece products after washing because the material is heavy when wet (no elasticity due to synthetic fibers). This may damage the article (e.g., loosened seam or tears).

After washing, the surface of the cotton fleece blanket may appear terry-like. It does not affect the quality and functionality of the article. By gently brushing with a brush, you will get the fluffy soft surface again. Please brush the products only after drying.

Wash cotton fleece gently at 40 ° C, do not spin, do not shake when wet, allow to dry freely, brush as needed. With this care you will get a product in the 100% cotton quality with characteristics of a Fleece article! For all who value nature and high quality.