Oilskin: Sand

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Oilskin: Sand

Oilskin is a water resistant fabric used for raincoats, lunch bags, tablecloths, makeup bags, totes, and other outdoor projects and crafts. 

This quality oilskin does not transfer oil and has no need to be lined.  

100% cotton

Fabric weight is 230 gsm

Width measures 145 cm

Prices are per half meter.

To order longer pieces, enter the quantity of 0.5 m increments you desire and the piece will be delivered to you as a whole, continuous piece. 

**Please note this product is sent folded.  As is the way with oilskin, folds and creases leave crease marks.  This is just part of the charm of oilskin!


Care instructions:

This product should not be washed or put into a dryer.  Simply use a damp cloth to clean.  

Do not iron but rather use your fingers to press into place.