Lulu, White: Stretch Lace


This is a soft, flowing stretch-lace fabric with crochet-look blossoms.  The Lycra content ensures both movement and recovery.  It would work beautifully as a swimsuit cover-up or as a tunic/blouse.

92% polyester/8% Lycra

Fabric weight is 150 gsm

80% stretch with good stretch recovery.

Width measures 150 cm  

Prices are per half meter (50 cm)

To order longer pieces, enter the quantity of 0.5 m increments you desire and the piece will be delivered to you as a whole, continuous piece. 

Bears the highest level of the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification.

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Stock 7
Height 8.00
Width 10.00
Depth 0.50
Lulu, White: Stretch Lace
Lulu, White: Stretch Lace
Lulu, White: Stretch Lace