Glitter Stretch Ribbing: Denim Blue

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265 gsm
Glitter Stretch Ribbing: Denim Blue

This glittery ribbing has strands of soft, sparkly Lurex thread knitted into the cuff itself.  The ribbing remains soft and comfortable.  

The ribbing is shipped inside out so please remember to turn it right way around to see the sparkle shine through!

Tubed 1/1 rib cuff fabric. 

80% cotton/ 15% Lurex/ 5% spandex

Weight is 265 gsm

90% Stretch

Width measures 70-75 cm round

Prices are per half meter (50 cm, 19.7 inches).

To order longer pieces, enter the quantity of 0.5 m increments you desire and the piece will be delivered to you as a whole, continuous piece

Bears the highest level of Oeko-Tex Certification.