Fae Forest: Panel Digital Jersey Knit, Stenzo (approximately 1.2 meters)

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Fae Forest: Panel Digital Jersey Knit, Stenzo

Panel measures approximately 1.2 meters long

There are two different panels on either side of the fabric.

95% cotton/5% spandex

Fabric weight is 210-215 gsm

70% Stretch with excellent stretch recovery.

4 way stretch

Width measures 150 cm

Prices are per panel 

Bears the highest level of the Oeko Tex Certification.

Matching coordinates:

Solid Basics Jersey Knit: Khaki

Solid Basics Jersey Knit: Burnt Orange

Solid Basics Jersey Knit: Dark Petrol


The Noelle is a great sewing pattern for this panel!

Noelle: Super Nova Paper Patterns, created by Stenzo

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