Double Gauze: Hunter Green

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Double Gauze:  Hunter Green

Double gauze is a perfect fabric for summer.  Breathable, airy, and so comfortable, double gauze has a charming rumpled look and works so well for flowy, loose dresses, tunics, pants, and skirts.  It is also an excellent option for baby swaddling blankets and wraps as the fabric is so breathable children do not overheat and, in the case of blankets, are able to breathe easily if the blanket falls over their faces.  

Double gauze, as its name implies, is 2 pieces of gauze stitched together in 1 cm intervals.

100% cotton

Width measures 132 cm

Prices are per half meter

To order longer pieces, enter the quantity of .5 m increments you desire and the piece will be delivered to you as a whole, continuous piece. 

For best results: Wash on cool, tumble dry.